A single lifestyle membership to hundreds of fitness studios, beauty salons, wellness centers and leisure activities
Our values
Not just a lifestyle service
We make sure that in our app there are various activities to everyone's taste
We set up an atmosphere of integrity and commitment both for our clients and partners
We are happy to talk about what is happening in our team and try new things
What problems we solve
  • Switch up routine
    Sometimes it gets frustrating to plan your week. We make sure you have a variety of exciting activities to try out
  • Remove barriers
    You don't have much time and we value it. Manage your lifestyle with a single membership
  • Be flexible
    Don't fall for long-term commitments. Pay every month and find new activities everyday
Wide audience
Regardless your preferences and plans find what fits you best
  • Locals
    Lighten up your routine and try out new things
  • Expats
    Find a community of like-minded people
  • Tourists
    Stay flexible and explore the city to get best experience while traveling
Our team
With our service we empower urban dwellers to have hustle free access to fitness, wellness and lifestyles activities, which have become not "once in a while" activity but rather a daily routine for many. We strongly believe our service has to play a crucial part in day life same as online shopping, taxi and food delivery do.
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General inquiries

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Investment inquiries

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