Why the membership is a great choice
Immediate access
Book any activity in just 1 click and head to the venue
Fits everyone's taste
Access various activities like yoga, hiking, kayking, cycling, breathwork
or even sound healing
Holistic approach
Mix-and-matching various sport and wellness activities is good for enhancing health
Best price guarantee
Up to 30% less expensive services at top fitness studios and wellness venues
I want it! How do I get it?
Annual membership that gives access to 26 activities: ideal if you want to hit 1 activity per week
Annual membership that gives access to 20 activities: the ultimate way to get access to many enjoyable activities
Annual membership that gives access to 12 activities: A great choice if you aim to do one activity per month
Annual membership that gives access to
6 activities: perfect for rare but great experiences
What will happen next?
Download Lifemost app
After finishing the payment, you will receive your promo code via email or WhatsApp to redeem it in the app
Redeem your code
Enter the code in the "Membership" tab and get funds to your account. Use them within 12 months
Book any activity you like
Try new things everyday 
and find what works best for you
Come to the venue!
Enhance your lifestyle by incorporating wellness and fitness into your self-care routine
Point the camera of your phone
at the QR code to install the app
Various activities in one app
Water sports
Hiking trips
Desert cycling
Padel & Tennis
Beach sports
Sound healing
Ice baths & breathwork
Yoga & meditation
Stretching & Pilates
Indoor cycling
Relay races & OCR
Bootcamp & HIIT
Access to exclusive top-notch wellness locations
Ready to unlock your well-being?
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