Fostering employee wellness and engagement
A case study of ADMOS
Corporate fitness initiatives often generate visually appealing content on social media platforms, showcasing employees enjoying activities like Zumba, volleyball, soccer, or CrossFit.

However, the less glamorous side involves countless emails, chat reminders, and calendar invitations attempting to motivate employees to participate. The question remains: can this process be improved?
ADMOS, a leading agency for creating corporate merchandise and souvenirs, has been successfully organizing wellness programs through LIFEMOST since 2021. Currently, 92% of employees who opt for a subscription as a non-material motivator actively participate in self-care activities, with 25% choosing massage, 19% selecting yoga and stretching, and 15% preferring beauty treatments. This case study outlines the steps to organizing an effective corporate fitness program that entices employees to attend.

Identify the actual need

ADMOS, a well-established company with a diverse clientele, understands the high-stress nature of the creative industry, particularly during the months when corporate gifts are prepared. Research by Zigmund. Online suggests that sports are among the most effective stress-relievers for professionals in advertising. With the ADMOS team already engaged in various sports, incorporating fitness into the company’s benefits program was a natural progression.
Offer the opportunity to choose

ADMOS employs a unique grading system for career progression, enabling employees to choose bonuses in the motivation system as they advance. By making fitness subscriptions a voluntary choice, employees are more likely to engage in activities out of genuine interest, eliminating the need for external motivation.

Find a suitable provider

ADMOS initially explored reimbursement models and partnerships with large fitness club chains, but ultimately decided on LIFEMOST due to its flexibility and wide range of services. This decision was made after thorough research and consultation, taking less than three months to finalize.

Maintain open communication

The ADMOS HR team created a Microsoft Teams group to address employee concerns and provide necessary information about the LIFEMOST subscription. This platform facilitated the sharing of experiences and helped increase engagement levels, with 92% of employees activating their subscriptions.
Utilize analytics for engagement

LIFEMOST provides access to analytics, enabling companies to identify internal ambassadors, understand employee preferences, and develop team activities such as challenges or competitions. By leveraging these insights, organizations can adjust their internal communications to maximize employee motivation and participation in the wellness program.

By following these steps, ADMOS successfully implemented a corporate fitness program that not only encouraged employees to engage in self-care activities, but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and collective well-being.
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