Fostering a caring and engaged workforce
Eggsellent’s creative approach to employee benefits

Growing together: employee development and engagement

Eggsellent, known for its delectable poached eggs, boasts a team that envelops guests with care and transforms any breakfast into a special event. Founders Svetlana Mikhalova and Polina Yurova share their strategies for cultivating a team that genuinely cares, the role of money, and their collaboration with Lifemost.
Instead of traditional employee development methods, Eggsellent has implemented a unique system that encourages growth and engagement:

  • Development tasks
Assigning challenging tasks for extra pay allows employees to grow while the company benefits from their enhanced skills.

  • Additional income opportunities
During peak periods, staff members can assist in other departments, providing valuable support without necessitating permanent hires.

  • Customized positions
Eggsellent can create roles tailored to individual talents and interests, promoting job satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Improvement committee
Employees can propose ideas and take ownership of new initiatives, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging.

Mix and match: corporate sports and employee well-being

Eggsellent’s corporate sports initiative began organically and has evolved to accommodate the diverse preferences of its growing team. Lifemost, a flexible fitness subscription service, allows employees to choose activities such as swimming, boxing or yoga to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Investing in employees: the payoff

Taking care of the team brings tangible benefits to the business:

  • Improved service quality
High service standards are crucial in the hospitality industry, and happy employees are more likely to deliver exceptional experiences for guests.

  • Resourcefulness
By addressing the needs and well-being of employees, Eggsellent ensures they have the energy and motivation to engage with customers.

  • Reduced staff turnover
A nurturing work environment fosters loyalty and reduces the stress and disruption caused by frequent staff turnover.

Finding the right balance: therapy, sports and beyond

Recognising that employees' needs change over time, Eggsellent strives to be responsive and adaptable. For example, they initially introduced therapy sessions, then later returned to offering Lifemost subscriptions when they discovered that sports were more in demand. The company continues to learn from its experiences and refine its approach to employee care.

In conclusion, Eggsellent’s creative and responsive approach to employee benefits fosters a caring and engaged workforce that contributes to the success and reputation of the café. By constantly evolving and adapting, they ensure that both their team and their guests enjoy a memorable experience.
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