Why Lifemost Gift Card is the perfect choice
Immediate purchase
Even if you've forgotten about gifts in December rush, it will take us just a moment to deliver a digital card
Fits everyone's taste
Your loved ones will have access to 1000+ activities like yoga, massage, meditation, cycling or even kayaking
Actually useful gift
Providing easy access to wellness for enhancing health
Best price guarantee
Up to 30% less expensive services at top fitness studios and wellness centers
I want it! What are the options?
Ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts looking to explore boot camp sessions, cycling classes, or stretching routines
The ultimate way to grant access to enjoyable activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or fly yoga
A great choice if you aim to indulge your loved ones in pampering through massages and beauty treatments
1000+ activities available via the gift card
Water sports
Beach clubs
Beauty services
Yacht trips
Access to 200+ exclusive top-notch wellness locations
How the gift card works
Download Lifemost app
And take a short quiz
so we would know your preferences
Redeem the gift
Just enter the promo code from the gift card and receive funds directly into your account
Book any activity you like
Try new things everyday 
and find what works best for you
Come to the venue!
Enhance your lifestyle by incorporating wellness and fitness into your self-care routine
Ready to make best gift ever?
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